Friday, December 16, 2016

Medical Marijuana For PTSD, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Addictions & Cancer

I've been opposed to marijuana since around 2001.  I had quit smoking it in 1995.  But the positive changes that I longed for never really happened.  It wasn't until I quit smoking cigarettes in 2007 when my life really took a turn for the better.  My first book was published, I bought my first tax liens, since then I have bought about 30 or so.

I opened my internet marketing business and monetized my first website even though I had number 1 webpages on Google search since 1999 but none of them were ever monetized until 2009.  Then my internet business really took off and I began to have top marketing niche pages on the first page of Google for keywords "Health Food Cure" and later, "Health Food".

In 2013 I learned a new hate for marijuana after I learned my daughter was smoking more than I had ever smoked in my life and getting higher than I ever did in my life.  We were living together which was my goal and dream from when we lost our 5 bedroom home in 1994 and she went to stay with my sister, then later she moved in with my ex husband, and later she lived with her aunt and cousins.  Then she lived with my sister and now.. finally in 2013.. with me!

Every time she would smoke that stuff I would get so creeped out I just wanted to cast out the devil or that evil stuff.   And it was all my fault because my daughter figured she couldn't smoke it when she came to my house so she flushed it down the toilet without me knowing it.

Then later, I told her if she wanted to smoke it to stop her seizures that she could.  Because she was having seizures every time she would go to sleep.  One time she had a really bad one in the day time. This was my first time seeing my daughter ever have a seizure since she had lived with everyone else but me after her 2006 stroke and brain surgery at UCSD here in San Diego.

Well, she moved back to Florida and my son made her quit taking a lot of the stuff she was taking and her seizures stopped.  She has never had another one since.  Thank God forever and ever!!  I couldn't believe it until Christmas 2014 I wanted to go see my children and I stayed with my daughter at her Uncle's and Aunt's house and we both slept on the huge sectional furniture that easily sleeps 2-3 people.  She didn't have one seizure. I was like a mother with a new born baby waking up to check on her breathing and see how she was doing the entire time I was there. My son had helped my daughter so much that she had no more seizures. 

On December 12th, 2016 after my visit with the Pain Management doctor I came home and saw a video posted on Facebook for the 2nd or 3rd time in a month about healing from cancer.  This time, I decided to watch the video.  The November 2016 election made marijuana legal for the first time in the state of California.  They have had medical marijuana for a long time.

The video said that the man was cured of stage 4 cancer after 3 months on CBC cannibus oil.  So I immediately  became more interested. The research went on to say that this cannibus oil also treated PTSD, Chronic pain and arthritis.  Well, I not only suspected I had cancer, but I knew that I had Chronic Pain and Arthritis and there was a possibility that I could have PTSD although recent doctors have suggested that I don't have PTSD.

I decided to go ahead and try it.  I couldn't find it online, and with my little bit of resources I had to go all the way to Diamond Bar to get my "Legal Marijuana Card" mandatory for the entire year of 2017 even though the law made it legal in 2016.  Now I won't have to pay taxes on my medical marijuana purchases and I have legal permission to have it in possession.

I tried it and the very first results were so awesome.  Where I had felt my spirit on auto drive with hardly any pause button.  My spirit finally came back to center and balanced herself out.  I could finally face the piles of stuff by my bed and the piles of clothes, boxes, shoes, iron board, bicycle and all this unnecessary giant pile of stuff on the other side of the bed.

I could finally get out of bed without being so mangled and crippled up that I hobbled to the bathroom like a monster in the mornings.  It has happened twice now so I have high hopes that the same wonderful results will continue.  I have kept all my appointments (at least 5) except one because there was a conflict in my schedule and I could not be at two appointments at one time.  And all of this was after I made my purchase of the CBD oil.

I have heard that Hemp oil can do all of the same things. I am not sure. I am going to have to research it to find out more.  But this is my recommendation to the U.S. troops who are not on active duty ... give CBD a try for non active duty.  And give the Hemp Oil a try while you are on active duty.  I also would suggest trying EMDR treatment in a controlled environment of your;postID=3737223489873145116;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=link peers.  And I highly recommend DhyaanGuru Dr. Nipun Aggarwal video on You tube as much as possible try to listen to this daily.... IT WORKS!  And here is my own personal Christmas gift to you all and one of my books is free here with Amazon "Kindle" on the bottom of this page .  Thanks again!

Thank you!

God bless America, and God BLESS OUR TROOPS!!

Merry Christmas!